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 Equestrian Encampment Arrive & Set up Camp Please set up camp and settle your horses *BEFORE* you go through Registration!
 Equestrian Lyste Field Set up games field 
 12:30 PM        Equestrian Encampment Rider Responsibility Class Equestrian Encampment (Behind the Chapel) All equestrians participating in equestrian activities this weekend are required to be there (Except Their Majesties, of course).
 1:00 PMEquestrian Lyste Field  Equestrian Authorizations     By Appointment only
 2:00 PM    Equestrian Lyste Field     Equestrian Games 
 3:00 PMEquestrian Encampment Cool down horses  
 9:00 AMEquestrian Encampment  Newcomer to Equestrian A basic introduction to horses, activities in the SCA, requirements for authorizing to ride, and opportunities to participate for those who do not own their own horses.
Kids, teens & adults welcome; children under 12 must have adult present
close-toed shoes required – Taught by Solveig in Kyrra
 9:00 AM    Equestrian Lyste Field    Introduction to Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition We will go over the current IKEQC rules and try out the games as set up to see if they meet those requirements. If we can, we will run the games for score to turn in to the IKEQC.
 10:00 AMEquestrian Encampment     Mounted Heraldry Come give a try at crying Heraldry from Horseback! A short lesson is followed by sitting aboard a horse and calling a few oyeas. Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision - a helmet will be provided for minors. Taught by Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd
 11:00 AM   Equestrian Lyste Field The Basket Challenge Course Timed through beheading the enemy course
 12:30 PMEquestrian Encampment Equestrian Marshal's Meeting Grab your lunch from the fundraiser and join us! Anyone interested in equestrian activities in Trimaris is welcome. This will count towards your equestrian marshal requirement to make 2 meetings per year. Bring your questions and suggestions on activities, rules, future events, equipment designs and anything horsey. By The Honorable Lady Brandwyn Alston of the Rift
 1:30 PMEquestrian Lyste Field   Mounted-to-Ground Combat Class Tentatively pending approval - Equestrian Lyst field - An introduction to the latest experimental mounted combat activity that was introduced at Gulf Wars. Taught by Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd
 3:00 PMEquestrian Encampment  Need Perfectly Period Tack? Check your Tackroom! Find out how similar Period tack is to Modern tack, and what you can do to make your Period Presence more pleasing!
Kids & teens welcome with adult supervision – Taught by Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd
 4:00 PM    Equestrian Lyste Field Equestrian Games