Classes at TMT

We have 37 Classes scheduled for TMT!
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This is the FINAL Class Schedule for the event.

Day Time Class
Friday 9:30 PM Newcomer's Class [Immediately following Royal Court in the Gym]
Saturday 12:30 PM Rider Responsibility Class (manditory for Equestrian participation0 [Equestrian Encampment]
1:00 PM SCA Combat Archery [Archery Range]
Beginning Blackwork [Main Hall]
Herald's Warranting Class #1: How to be a Local Herald [Main Hall]
1:30 PM  
2:00 PM Basic Hand Sewing: Make a Pouch [Feast Hall]
Beginning Interlaced Herringbone Embroidery [Feast Hall]
Intermediate Blackwork [Main Hall]
Herald's Warranting Class #2: Armory Submissions [Main Hall]
2:30 PM  
3:00 PM Belly Dance [Barding Pavilion]
Herald's Warrangint Class #3: Names Submissions [Main Hall]
Color My World - Medieval Dyes & Techniques (SLIDESHOW) [Feast Hall]
3:30 PM  
4:00 PM Fake the Bodhran [Bardic Pavilion]
Basic Illumination for SCA Scrolls
4:30 PM  
5:00 PM English Country Dance [Bardic Pavilion]
Anyone Can Make Cheese [Feast Hall]
Play on!  [Main Hall]
5:30 PM  
Sunday 9:00 AM Newcomer to Equestrian [Equestrian Encampment near the Chapel]
Introduction to Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition [Equestrian Lyste Field]
9:30 AM  
10:00 AM Mounted Heraldry [Equestrian Encampment near the Chapel]
Heraldry 101 [Main Hall]
10:30 AM  
11:00 AM L'Academie de Demoiselles et Courtiers [Bardic Pavilion]
11:30 AM  
12 noon Exchequer's Warranting Class [Main Hall]
12:30 PM  
1:00 PM 2 Weapon Fighting Primer [War College Field]
1:30 PM Mounted -to-Ground Combat Class (tentative pending approval) [Equestrian Lyst Field]
2:00 PM Heralding Without Hurting Yourself [Bardic Pavilion]
Khepesh - Ancient Egyptian Warfare [Feast Hall]
2:30 PM Hospitaller's Warranting Class [Main Hall]
3:00 PM  The Art of Arrow Catching [Bardic Pavilion]
Perfectly Period Tack [Equestrian Encampment near the Chapel]
Super Simple Tunic Construction [Feast Hall]
3:30 PM Make a Portable Hnefatafl Game Board [Main Hall]
4:00 PM Music Jam [Bardic Pavilion]
Make a Viking Hood [Feast Hall]
4:30 PM  
5:00 PM Italian Dance [Bardic Pavilion]
Putting on a Period Face [Feast Hall]
Strategy is Everything [Main Hall]
5:30 PM  
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