Merchant Application

Trimaris Spring Crown (TMT) 2017 Merchant Registration Form
Please print out this page or download the application file.  This is *not* an electronic form.

Mundane Name: ________________________________________________________________

Business or Booth Name: _________________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________________

City, State, & Zip: _______________________________________________________________

Web Site: ______________________________________________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s): _______________________________________________________________
Contact Name (Modern): __________________________________________________________

SCA Name (if avail.): _____________________________________________________________

Is this booth an official Kingdom fundraiser: ___ Yes ___ No    
If yes, has it been approved by the Kingdom Seneschal? ___ Yes ___ No        
If yes, who will benefit? _____________________________________________________

Date of Arrival: _______________________ Date of Departure: _______________________

Special Requests/Needs: __________________________________________________________



Electricity Required?  ___ Yes   ___ No 

If “yes”, provide justification here: __________________________________________________


Merchant Booth/Tent:        ____ Period Tent/Pavilion             ___ Modern Tent/Pop-up     

£ Other (please explain)   ________________________________________________________

Size of sales tent including ropes: __________________________________________________

Camping/Personal Space:   NOTE: (Important information-READ IT!)

There is no camping next to your sales tent at this site due to the Merchant area space limitations.
There is camping available close to the merchant area that you will have to claim for yourself when arriving on site.

Your application will be returned if you do not fully and correctly fill out this application.



Please describe the main merchandise that you will be selling:

Service(s) (Please describe service & pricing information):







Merchant Agreement

The Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., Kingdom of Trimaris hereafter referred to as SCA, will hold the event known as Trimaris Spring Crown(TMT), scheduled to take place May 26- 29, 2017, at Camp La Llanada, 2819 Tiger Lake Road, Lake Wales, FL. 33898 . The SCA gives the undersigned individual, hereafter referred to as the merchant, the privilege, as an independent operator, (not as an employee or representative of the SCA or the Kingdom of Trimaris, or as a member of the event staff), to operate a sales booth at the event, during the above dates, in an area designated by the event staff or its agents.

The merchant, in signing, agrees to abide by the conduct rules set forth in this document, and by the directives of the SCA, the event staff, and their agents. The signing merchant must be in attendance attending his/her booth throughout the event, or selling space will be forfeit. The event staff will monitor all rules during the event, notifying a merchant of any infractions, and asking the violations be corrected in a timely fashion.

Merchant acknowledges being an independent operator, and that neither he/she, nor his/her agents or employees, shall have any authority to contract for or incur any liability or obligation on behalf of the SCA, or any other agents, and will indemnify the above entries against any and all claims that may be made against them due to activities of the merchant. The merchant shall be responsible for any costs, expenses, attorney’s fees or judgements incurred by the entities mentioned above in this paragraph due to the merchant’s activities.

Merchant agrees to comply with SCA, civil, city, county, state and federal laws, rules and regulations concerning their activities and/or sales at the event. If the merchant fails to comply with said rules, or with any portion of this agreement, the event staff may, upon notification, take immediate action which in their sole judgment may be necessary to correct the situation, including but not limited to, the closing of said merchant’s booth, removal of the merchant’s sales materials, and/or removal of the person(s) without refund of any fees or any other consideration to the merchant.

Merchant assumes full responsibility for the maintenance of their booth area and the area around it, keeping it cleaned and supplying all necessary materials for operation. SCA appropriate wares and pavilions are preferred. The event staff or its agents may inspect sales booths at any time. The event staff reserves the right to demand the removal of any sales item deemed unsuitable, in their opinion, for sale at the event.

Everyone connected with merchant booths are considered to be party to this agreement and must abide by the merchant agreement and the rules and regulations of the SCA set forth in Corpora and the Laws of the Kingdom of Trimaris. This includes all helpers, assistants, family and minors in the company/employ of the undersigned merchant.

By signing this form, the merchant agrees that the officers, staff, and agents of the SCA are no responsible for injuries, loss or damage to person or property. The undersigned merchant agrees to abide by all decisions, rules and requests of the event staff in regard to personal conduct and display at the event.

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that all parties connected with my merchant booth have carefully read and completely understand this merchant agreement, and agree to abide by all rules described herein.  


____________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________

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