Trimaris E-Pay reservations will open  at
9:00 AM on Saturday 04/22/17

Cabins & Lodges
There are a limited number of upper and lower bunks
available in cabins and lodges for
event-by-event purchase via
These are sold on a first come, first served basis
through the Trimaris EPay Deputy ONLY.
The Trimaris EPay Deputy will also maintain
a waiting list for open spaces.
Lodges (includes kitchenette & bathroom)
Lower Bunks - $25
Upper Bunks - $20
Cabins (includes bathroom)
Lower Bunks - $20
Upper Bunks - $15

Feast  Reservation Fees:
All paid feast reservations include Breakfast!
Saturday Night:
Above the Salt - $12 (limit 60)
Below the Salt - $7 (Limit 50)
Sunday Night:
Above the Salt - $12 (limit 50
Below the Salt - $7 (Limit 40)

Event Registration Fees:
 Adult  1 Daytrip  - $25
Adult 1 Night  - $30
Adult 2 Nights  - $35
Adult 3 Nights  - $40
Membership Discount - $5
Children 12 years & under are Free (Event fees only.)

No family will be charged more than the equivalent of 3 adult registration fees.
Family is defined as adults and their minor children.
This applies to site fees only and does not apply to feast or cabin space.

There is No Charge for tenting!
A limited amount of cabin space is available on a first-come,
first-served basis Via the Kingdom of Trimaris E-Pay system.

The event Reservations Steward does not handle cabin space.

For Reservations Questions or To Mail Reservations
contact the Reservations Steward:
Hon. Lady Caitriona Inghean Finnguala

MKA Jayne Gibeault
4369 NE 18th Trail
Trenton, FL 32693
(561) 891-1554

Merchants must register through the Kingdom Merchant Coordinator
Viscount Bryetor Aison of Devon